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Deradicalising Radicals

New Innovative Approaches to Fight Terrorism.Read More:


IMF Lending programmes — recipe for social instability?

From Taiwan to Indonesia, Brazil to Argentina, Cairo to Amman and from Greece to Portugal, everywhere the IMF and the World Bank offered economic and financial assistance, the outcome has been the same: demonstrations, riots and social instability. Read more

May 2011. Soundbite from Professor El-Said

Professor Hamed El-Said, is a consultant to the UN’s Terrorism Monitoring group, which is promoting a global deradicalisation effort.


Does Jordan Need An IMF Programme?

It is no secret that Jordanian officials are currently negotiating with the International Monetary Fund the possibility of implementing an IMF-inspired economic reform programme, known as Standby Agreement (SBA). These negotiations have been motivated mainly by Jordan’s socio-economic realities, including large public debt, large fiscal and trade deficits, and high rates of poverty and unemployment. Read more

Deutsche Welle - World Bank

Mar. 2011 article "World Bank to Rethink Middle East but Not Sure When or How" in Deutsche Welle, including interview quotes from Professor El-Said.

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